Steering Committee/Volunteers


Steering Committee 2024 – Elected 12/23
If you want to volunteer, reach out to the Steering Committee

To suggest a topic or speaker, submit by using this NPA Request Form 


  • KC Carpenter (They/them)
  • Joanne Hunt (She/her)
  • Hank Prensky (He/him)
  • Open Seat
  • Open Seat
  • Open Seat
  • Open Seat
  • Open Seat
  • Open Seat (Youth Member)


  • Sarah Diaz (She/Them)
  • Vicki Garrison (She/her)
  • Monika Ivancic (She/her)
  • Colin Larsen (He/him)
  • Olivia Taylor (She/her)
  • Open Seat
  • Open Seat
  • Open Seat (Youth Member)

CDBG Block Grant Logo

Community Development Block Grant Advisors (CDBG) – Two Positions
Elected 1/24/24

CDBG Ward 4 Representative – Gordon Dragoon (He/him)
CDBG Ward 7 Representative – Katie Jones (She/her)

The federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is a principal revenue source for local communities to address the roots and consequences of poverty.  The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development administers the program on a national basis and awards grants annually to entitlement communities, including Burlington, on a formula basis. The City in turn awards grants to local organizations as well as operates several CDBG-funded programs.

Time Frame: January to early April – 4 evening meetings.

Make recommendations about how to spend around $700,000.


  • Attend all training sessions and Board meetings
  • Read and rate grant applications – usually around 15 applications, 9 pages each, from local nonprofits Develop a balanced budget, taking the amount of money requested and paring it down to fit the amount of money available. Work with other Board members to develop funding recommendations for the Mayor Report back to the body you represent. Have fun and meet new folks from our community!

Total Time Commitment:
8 hours of meeting time, plus time to read and rate the applications – estimated at least another 8 – 12 hours

If you would like more details, contact:
Fosca Bechthold [She/her/hers]
NPA Public Engagement Specialist
Community, Neighborhoods, and Workforce Development
City of Burlington | CEDO | NPAs
Cell: (802) 734-0845